Reduce your electricity bill with OBH Nordica Oil Less Fryers

Today’s Oil Less Fryers are so versatile they can replace both the oven and the stove. With the Oil Less Fryers from OBH Nordica you can save up to 65% energy* compared to a traditional oven. The brand-new model we launched just now is the unique 3-in-1 Easy Fry: steam, fry, and grill with the same machine. Healthy, simple, and tasty.

Easy Fry 3-in-1 with capacity of 6,5 L and Easy Fry 2-in-1 with capacity of 4,5L..

Reduce your electricity costs on top of your food getting cooked both faster and healthier when using our Oil Less Fryers. You also save up to 65% energy* compared to using a traditional oven, which is a simple way to reduce your electricity consumption. Thanks to the versatility of Easy Fry, it’s just as simple - and tasty - to cook frozen vegetables as it is to heat up leftovers. Now we have also launched new models - Easy Fry 3-in-1 and Easy Fry 2-in-1.

Easy Fry 3-in1 has functions that enable you to fry, grill and steam your food in no time. As the appealing design was not enough, Easy fry is simple to use with the 7 preset programs, all while having a capacity of 6,5L. We also have Easy Fry 2-in-1 that combines fry and grill function and is more compact with capacity of 4,5L.

Right now, we have a campaign where one can try the product at home for 100 days and return it if one’s needs are not fully satisfied. More information can be found here.

For more information about the product please visit OBH Nordica | Designing good life.

*Vs traditional oven Energy Class A. Tests conducted in 2022 on frozen fries.

27.10.2022Groupe SEB Denmark A/S


Reduce your electricity bill with OBH Nordica Oil Less Fryers

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